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We are focused on your eating experience

Proudly offering four generations of experience envoking the highest regards to natural, stress-free, sustainable environments available to us and by respecting these practices we are improving your eating experiences.

From our ranch to your home.

Variety Boxes

Call ahead and pick up your choice of variety box inside or at our convenient drive up window. (406) 717-8892

Specialty Items


Beef Sticks

Summer Sausage


Beef Hot dogs, and Ready to cook Meatloaf and Meatballs

Steak Box $100-$150

Variety of steaks including T Bone, Ribeye, NY Tenderloin and Sirloin.

Variety Box $85

Chuck or Rump roast, 2 Cubed Stks, 2 Sirloin Stks, 2 Ground beef, 1 Stew meat, Liver, Soup Bone.

Smoker Box $70

brisket, roast and a flank or skirt steak. 

Ground Beef Boxes

$55-10 lbs or $110-20 lbs 

Healthy Immune/Pet Lover Box $40-50

Mix or Match 5 items to your needs! Liver, tongue, heart, oxtail, kidneys, soup bone.

Steak and Burger Box $45

6 cube steaks and 2 pack 1/2 lb patties. 

3 Squares a Day Box

$68- Small or $148- Large 

Patty Sausage, bacon, hamburger patties, and sirloin steaks

Sausage Boxes $60

Breakfast- 8 packs of Maple or Regular 

Sweet or Spicy Italian Sausage Box 

1/3 or 1/2 lbs Patty Box

$94-15.6 lbs        or          $96-16 lbs  

Whole Hogs - 120-150lbs


Half Hogs - 60-75 lbs


From conception to consumption and from our ranch to your home, we are focused on your eating experience.


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