About Us

Thank you for choosing Montana Prime Meats as your producer of high quality locally raised meats. Recently we added finished animals to our 86 year old ranching operation to offer a change to consumers who want to know where their meat comes from. 

Our value in the animals we raise is four generations deep and with every passing year we push forward to improve our herd quality for a better end product. Our animals are finished in the same pastures that they are born and raised in. In the past our main objective was to produce animals that weaned heavy calves, plus adding maternal benefits from the retained females we introduced back into our herd.

Moving forward we will continue these practices but now we are focusing more on our final product in the terms of meat quality. Instead of our connection with our animals ending with them leaving on a truck in hopes that they are finished in a manor that is pleasing to the consumer, we control and follow them to your table, enriching your eating experience. 

Our fed animals have been selected prior to birth by matching certain sires to mate with certain females to produce the best beef our natural environment can raise while increasing herd quality by retaining females.

To us it starts with bull selection, our thoughts when choosing bulls is to get to the rail they must first get through the environment. I was once told by a well-respected individual in the cattle industry, “look for nuts, buts, and guts” to start with and go from there.

We have been following his advice, and it really works. At the time we wean our calves we have already chosen our replacement females from select mothers that have stood out within their foundation herd while having a calf at side. 

The remaining females and the steers are weaned when they are about 6 months of age and return to native pastures. A grain based supplement of peas, corn and barley is slowly introduced and helps with deterring any health issues by increasing energy, introducing fiber and essential minerals which is also beneficial to help setting on the marbling of their meat.

We will then rotate the yearling animals through pasture while changing their diet slightly to more of a corn, barley blend. Once they reach their optimum slaughter weight we will then move them to a finishing pasture prior to slaughter.

All of this cannot be achieved without water which all of the water intake comes from a live spring located in the pastures. In some areas that the creek is not present, we will pipe water from the creek as the source of water. The processing houses that we use are USDA inspected and are clean, well respected facilities.

The finished products are carefully handled and transported from the processor to the purchaser or a central delivery spot. As stated earlier “from conception to consumption, and from our ranch to your home we are focused on your eating experience.”

Our livestock experience will truly reward the consumer, and our hope is to develop a long lasting relationship that will grow.

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